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BT Torture

Aww!!! Boston Terriers usually love baths, poor little guy! :)

French bulldog "Baths are the worst."

Poor baby cowgirl hated baths too

Boston Terrier

BT bath time

Bath time

lol aww

lol aww

Dogs about to sneeze…

lol aww

oh my, i laughed so hard!: Cats, Animals, Funny Cat, Lostcat, Funny Stuff, Humor, Lost Cat, Funnies

Dogs About To Sneeze more funny pics on facebook:

funny-dogs-sneeze-photo-cute...Dogs about to sneeze... @Jeremy Beelman

I usually don't pin cute pet pics, but this made me laugh.

Dogs sneezing. I don't know why this was so funny.

Pix of doggies about to sneeze. SO FUNNY!

#Dogs, #Sneeze, #Faces, #Funny


Funny animal sneezes

Isn't he just the cutest!

MAGNOLIA-BLOSSOM: Animals, Cupcake, Dogs, Bostonterriers, Pets, Puppy, Boston Terriers, Top Hats

I've decided if I'm moving to Boston, I need a Boston a top hat and monocle.

There's nothing more cute than a Boston Terrier with a top hat and monacle!

Dapper Dog - Boston Terriers are The American Gentlemen

Boston Terriers, also known as the American gentleman.

Boston Bull Terrier <3

Adorable Animals Animals, Cupcake, Dogs, Bostonterriers, Pets, Puppy, Top Hats, Boston Terriers

sphilly97: “ Cutest thing in the world. #bostonterrier #boston #terrier #tophat #bowtie #cute #as #can #be #love #tumblr #baby (Taken with Instagram) ”

Looks just like Maddox!

Bostons. Gasp....looks JUST like my Batman!

Boston Terrier Cuddles favorite~♛

Bostons..too cute!

boston terrier

Bostons! :)

Sweet heart



I love BT's...

Already decided well be getting a french bull dog as our next pup. Even though our dogs will never die (knock on wood).

"I can't stop staring at the sun!" #bostonterrier #grass #dogs #outside

Aww.... adorable little boston terrier puppy! ♡ PET PHOTOGRAPHY ♡ Dog ♡

Aww.... adorable little Boston terrier puppy! LOVE!!

Aww.... adorable little french bulldog puppy!

Boston Terrier Puppy. What could be cuter!

An alert Boston Terrier!

Baby Boston terrier

Georgie Clementine by monitorpop on Flickr. adorable boston terrier puppy called Georgie Clementine :) more photos here:

awwww . . .

"Hi, I'm Boston Terrier." "Hello, I'm Pit Bull" "We are Doggie Buddies!" #dog #puppy #dogLovers #friends #friendship #buddies #BostonTerrier #PitBull

boston terriers. So cute! I want one (or a French bulldog) for our next dog!

boston terriers. So cute! I want one (or a French bulldog).

Boston terrier doggies! so cute! X3

boston bulls

32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww: Doggie, French Bulldogs, Puppy Love, So Cute, Bostonterriers, Pet, Frenchbulldog, Boston S, Boston Terriers

I do not like a bath!

My mommy always thinks I need a bath and I don't understand why, I Don't Like Taking A Bath!! this is just how Stella looks. Poor baby. My Libby is the same way. Does NOT like bath time. :)

Haha looks like my mini schnauzer, "pepper", when I give him a bath!

Hamish Hates Having a Bath by Lucie White #Miniature #Schnauzer

Looks like my rocky he hates bath time

Schnauzer not happy about bath time

Bath time - not a happy camper.

Schnauzer bath time betrayal

Not a happy puppy. Lol

Bathtime sucks

Etsyfrom Etsy

Boston terrier BABY KIDS ONESIES from The Adventures of Mirabelle

Boston terrier BABY KIDS ONESIES from The Adventures of Mirabelle by onesmalldog on Etsy

Boston terrier BABY KIDS ONESIES from The Adventures of Mirabelle on Etsy, $20.00 I need this! All of this!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Boston terrier BABY KIDS ONESIES from The Adventures of Mirabelle on Etsy, $20.00

Children's Book Signing: The Adventures of Mirabelle Boston, MA #Kids #Events

This has to be the cutest Boston/Baby picture I've ever seen!!

Boston onesies

BT Portrait

Boston Terrier - beautiful! - looks just like our little boy Brutus.

Boston Terrier - beautiful! Looks so much like my little Marley!!!!

Boston Terrier originates from USA, used for ratting and company.

BT #Cute pet #pet boy|

Boston Terrier - beautiful! Missing my baby!

Boston Terrier "Emma" - Shes a beauty!

Boston Terrier Portrait. Gorgeous.

SO ADORABLE!!! BT Portrait

Beautiful Boston!

Joshua and Olivia - Here is a triple Boston Terrier Stink Eye face! I've seen this a few times! Make this face at each other! (You're going to laugh!) I love you, Nana

Maple makes this face all the time!

Another great BT face - Stink Eye.


Boston terrier

On the farm

This reminds me of my baby girl Coco. She was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so she was a flat-faced (brachycephalic) dog. She was an incredibly proud and strong dog, even in her last months.

Nothing cuter than a flat face....unless you are a human.

Me, and my obsession with English bulldogs(:

this applies to my flat face as well! ha ha

Ha ha my dad has a French bulldog.

I love my flat faces fur babies

Flat face...just like my girls

Flat faces are my favorite

Flat-faced Boston Terrier

Someone doesn't like having a bath

Someone doesn't like having a bath: Animals, English Bulldogs, Pets, Puppy, Friend, Bull Dogs, Bath Time

"There had better be a HUGE treat waiting for me when this is over!" Something Molly would say...she HATES bath

English Bulldog ~ "Baths just aren't my thing" #dog #bathtimedog #bathtime #bath #funnydog

English Bulldog ~ "Baths just aren't my thing" I am not happy!

#English #Bulldog ~ "Baths just aren't my thing"

Bath time! He is soooo not happy about it.

English Bulldog hates bath time

Bubble bath time. Too cute.

Grumpy bully!

How about a bath?

"I just washed my Hair, can somebody give me a Blow Dry?", French Bulldog on Bath Day.

French Bulldog / Bouledogue Français / Frenchie

How about a bath? Aww reminds me of my boy!

Bouledogue français ou juge anglais?

How about a bath? @Sara Schlitz

Frenchie fresh out of the bath

Bouledogue Français

Frenchie bath time

aaw bathtime

Hedgehog Bubble Bath

Hedgehog Bubble Bath- I think hedgehogs are sooo cute

hmm i think i need to get me a hedge hog...

Hedgehog Bubble Bath me wanna hedgehog

Hedgehog Bubble Bath. DYING. So cute!!

Hedgehog baby. I neeeeeed one!

Hedgehog Bubble Bath-- awwww

Baby Hedgehog Bubble bath.

Bath time.

Funny photos funny hedgehog bathtub bath cute

The best friend you'll every have in the world...a BT!

"Ah, a kiss is a start so humor me! #dogs #pets #BostonTerriers #puppies #Bulldogs

"I just Love my brother so much...he's my best friend in the whole world!"

Cute - still loving every English Bulldog & Boston terriers... {sigh}

Boston Terrier: a lover, not a fighter Truer words never spoken.

Georgie hearts Gus, true Frenchie-Bull Dog BFF's.

Wake Up - I cant sleep Boston Terrier and Boxer

doggie love

Sweet Kiss.

Puppy love

I Don't Like Baths!

Silly sleeping cat, find more funny cat stuff here #funnycat #funnycats

My Cat Jude: Jude IsCatRiot is a riot. He fell into my bubble bath tub and he struggled getting out. He escaped from his room which is a small window with a window and he shares it with his little sister, Waltzing Mathilda, a sweet, quiet kitten. Oh Jude, what a mess you are today, deary. -Cookie, fictional character, pics from

Bath time? Why do i feel like your planning the final details of my demise?

crabby bath time kitty (via The Shiny Squirrel)

Guess who doesn't like bath time? @shobz

Definitely not a happy camper.

this is my happy face #cat

Wet cat face.. not happy!

Poor kitty! They hate it!


Inspiring image halloween, omg, adorable, animal #680539 - Resolution 500x750px - Find the image to your taste

aw so cute they look like little drowned rats or something :D

Bella hates bath time, but always looks so cute like this <3

So true! Maisy always looks like a drowned rat. haha

Time for a quick bath. SO FUNNY!!!!! SO TRUE!!!!!!

Awwww they look like drowned rats lol so cute

bath time furrballs. So true for mixie

so funny cause its so true!

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Bathing A Baby Orangutan

Baby Orangutan: Bath time: Baby Monkey, Babies, Animals, Orangutans, Bathtime, Baby Animal, Baby Orangutan, Bath Time

Baby Orangutan bath time--omg this has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!!

Baby Orangutan bath time - baby / animals / life / black / white / bw ✔BWC

Baby Orangutan bath time this is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen

Here is a baby orangutan getting a bubble bath.... CUTEST THING EVER

Baby Orangutan bath time. Cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

Baby Orangutan - getting a bubble bath #BabyAnimals

Baby Orangutan bath time #baby #animals #life ✔BWC

Baby Orangutan: Bath time Cutest thing ever!!!

Mini doxie bath

Mini doxie bath #animals #pet. Unconditional love:

Mini doxie bath.......this is for Mary & Darlene.

Mini doxie bath

I want one!!!! Mini doxie bath

Mini doxie bath - too cute!

Baby! Awwww

baby doxie

Mini doxie bath: Babies, Face, Daschund, Sweet, Dachshund Puppies, Doxie Bath, Weenie, Mini Doxie

She was scared, then interested, then REALLY SCARED, then "what the heck are you doing to me?", then OK, then LETMEOUTLETMEOUT, then OK again, then happy it was over but glad to feel clean. Olive, our mini dachshund puppy, all wet after her first bath in our home.

Bath Time

Bathtime...who's getting in first? #Bulldog and Baby #dog #puppy #dog lovers #English Bulldog

Two Baby Butts! Little Boy and English Bulldog Puppy.

Bath tub buns (by ominous clouds) kids and dogs

Oh goodness, Ha Ha! #butts #babybutt #goofy

Baby & dog bathtub picture. Cute.

bathtub baby& dog

baby and bull dog

Bathtub Bully