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Heraldic Signet Ring c.1600-1650

Gold sheriff's signet ring, English, 15th century.

Signet ring Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Date: ca. 1353–1323 B.C.

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"Memento Mori "Jewellery Top left: The Torre Abbey Jewel 1540-50, Top right : Toothpick about 1620, Bottom : Ring 1550-1600, inscribed "Be Hold The Ende" and "Rather Death Than Fals Fayth"

Gold signet ring with the arms of Lusignan on a sapphire, France, 15th century

Collection of rings from Europe c. 1380, Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

Tassie Ring c. 1788 Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

signet ring

Jasperware Intaglio c. 1780-1800, English. Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

A simple signet ring.

Ring Place of origin: Europe (West, made) Date: 1600-1650 (made)

Signet Ring c.1500-1600

Enamelled gold ring, with a box bezel set with a hessonite garnet. Western Europe, 1600-1650.

signet ring - Victorian

Signet ring

16th-17th century AD. An English heraldic signet ring.

Gift Idea: Signet Initial Ring - A - One Size

signet ring

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