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    Collection of rings from Europe c. 1380, Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

    Tassie Ring c. 1788 Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

    Jasperware Intaglio c. 1780-1800, English. Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

    Ring Place of origin: Europe (West, made) Date: 1600-1650 (made)

    Landowners, merchants and other businessmen began to use seals to make an impression in the wax that sealed their contracts and documents. Plain, simple signet rings were popular for that purpose, usually worn on the index finger or thumb.

    Ring Place of origin: Europe (West, made) Date: 1600-1650 (made)

    16th-17th century AD. An English heraldic signet ring.

    Etsy. Useable Honeybee Signet Ring.This image was designed in reverse (like a mirror-image), so that when the top of the ring is pressed into hot wax it creates the image of a Slovenian coin. Nobility and the rich used to have these rings to seal documents