This Movie.

The Holiday.

It has the smoothest, and well, cutest, meet-cute of all meet-cutes.

funny castle tv show pictures - this show at the moment and I #netflix for bringing it to my attention #castle

The Holiday. Love this movie

The Holiday

favorite scene

Let's Go To The Movies (13 going on 30,jennifer garner)

Jaws Movie Poster Quote by Design Different (Ryan McArthur) //

Can't wait to check this movie out, looks really good, if your into Alien movies :)

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The Lord of the Rings Arwen, the ethereal elf maiden of Rivendell, and Aragorn, the rough Ranger from the North, are an unlikely pair. She…

Pride & Prejudice. One of my favorite movies.

"About Time" movie review

Elizabeth & Darcy - I love it when he smiles! - agreed!

Barefoot in the Park. Classic.

MGM Pictures The Thomas Crown Affair VHS Movie * Plastic * -- Used

Why couldn't sarcastic Harry be part of the movies?