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I remember these little guys! So cute!!

hard to find dakin frou frou troll bear plush

Give me my purple Aqua Net can (or Rave), a teasing comb, and a hairdryer and my hair would be HUGE......

Super Hold Aqua Net - Last summer I was getting ready for a wedding, and I realized I was out of hair spray. I had Matt pick me up some, and he comes back with aqua net! I cracked up laughing, but my hair stayed put all night.

In my experience, journaling clears the mind of old and floods it with new...I have come to enjoy it.

In my experience, journaling clears the mind of old and floods it with new.

Liddle Kiddles Violet. I used to have one of these

Liddle Kiddles - dolls originally produced by Mattel in They were introduced at the 1966 New York Toy Fair. Initially about 3 inches tall, they were tiny by doll standards. I just got a flashback of her smell!

Leather Name Bracelets - We made these in shop class and if you were going steady you would trade bracelets!  What a blast from the past!!

✯ Tooled Leather Name Bracelets ✯ yep and leather floppy hats too . My mom had the leather tools and we would make all kinds of crap

herbal essence shampoo original - Google Search

I used to love this advert the most coz it's in cartoon form of a pretty long haired girl moving in a pool of flowers with flowers on her hair as well

Toe socks! I had these. They always looked cute but felt weird. 1970s.

I still have a pair that I wear Super fun rainbow socks! Ever since seeing Whip It I've been trying to track down a cool pair of rainbow socks :)

I was obsessed with unicorn everything!  I had this plush unicorn.

Mine was blue! Named him Uni and he was used to beat my older sisters with as I got older.