Button bracelets

DIY Shell Button Bracelet - shell buttons, beads leather cord.

button braclets

Button bracelets

Button bracelet

I always forget this-How to make an adjustable knot (for bracelets, necklaces, etc)

Might have to find some yarn or something while we are camping. Keep the girls busy

Using up my buttons

Owl with Button Eyes. Cute Cute.

necktie bracelets

DIY button rings

Super cute Button Necklace! Only takes 30 minutes to make!

Shrink plastic rings!

Easy Bracelet Tutorial

souvenir pressed penny bracelet

Swirly bracelet tutorial. The bracelet looks like it would be hard to make UNTIL you look at the tutorial. Can't wait to try this!!

Macrame bracelets

#tutorial on how to make these resin necklaces!

Turn your Cause bracelet into a keychain