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  • April Denton

    Compact Bone & Spongy Bone - A haversian canal is a central canal within the haversian system — a network of canals inside compact bone. Haversian canals occur in the center of compact bone and contain blood vessels, connective tissues, nerve fibers and lymphatic vessels. Osteons, or the structure that forms compact bone, surround these canals and are the outer component of the haversian system. The terms osteons and haversian system are often used interchangeably.

  • Doctor P

    Haverisan canals are a network of tubes which surround blood vessels and nerves found in compact bone. Haversian canals run parallel with long bones and are part of osteons, also known as Haversian Systems, which are the functional units of compact bone. They were named after an English physician named Clopton Havers (1657 – 1702) who did research on the microstructure of bone and was the first to observe these canals.

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