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    Wood Sorrel (Oxalis)

    Wood sorrel has been eaten by humans for millennia. In Dr. James Duke's "Handbook of Edible Weeds," he notes that the Kiowa Indian tribe chewed wood sorrel to alleviate thirst on long trips, that the Potawatomi Indians cooked it with sugar to make a dessert, the Algonquin Indians considered it an aphrodisiac, the Cherokee tribe ate wood sorrel to alleviate mouth sores and a sore throat, and the Iroquois ate wood sorrel to help with cramps, fever and nausea.

    The common cattail (typha latifolia) is one of the first of the wild edible plants that all hikers should familiarize themselves with. It not only has several edible parts, but there is some part of the plant that can be harvested for food during any season. In addition, it has other uses as well.

    Mullein: Verbascum thapsus. Every part of the plant is used. Leaves for respiratory, Flowers provide a soothing & cleansing effect to the skin for minor wounds & scrapes. can be picked throughout the growing season, placed in olive oil and left to infuse. The resulting infusion is wonderful for earaches that do NOT involve a ruptured eardrum. Add beeswax to the infused oil, & you'll have a balm. Mullein root is used in urinary tract issues.

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    19 common edible plants

    Purslane - This web page brings you purslane facts and purslane recipes to bolster your appreciation of this virtuous wild plant. A nutritious edible weed absolutely delicious when mixed with yogurt and garlic!

    50 Essential Wild Plants to Know About (for food and medicine).

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    Calendula is an amazing herb and flower. Beautiful, useful, edible. It’s one of my favorite floral blooms in the garden and something I plant much of every year.

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    Blackberries - The leaves and root can be used as an effective treatment against dysentery and diarrhea as well as serving usefulness as an anti-inflammatory and astringent. Ideal for treating cuts and inflammation in the mouth.

    20 edible weeds. It seems weird, until you realize many of these are plants introduced for food that went feral, like lamb's-quarter (which we ate a lot of last summer, since it was too hot for spinach by June). Shepherd's-purse is going to town but it went to seed last month already.

    By Ken Jorgustin One of the most common edible plants, the dandelion, can be eaten in its entirety. There are many edible plants, and many of them are commonly found. You simply need to be able to ...

    How to grow a pineapple from the top of the one you just ate.

    "One of the reasons I love herbs so much is because of their ability to take care of every day symptoms. Did you sprain your wrist? Yep, there’s a plant that can help. Need something to soothe the baby’s bug bites? Check — that one’s covered too. Here are five seemingly common plants that happen to be anything but common when it comes to reducing inflammation and relieving swelling and pain."

    Clovers (Trifolium) - lucky you, they're edible. And they’re found just about everywhere there’s an open grassy area. You can spot them by their distinctive trefoil leaflets. You can eat clovers raw, but they taste better boiled. ...I like those with the big purplish buds (red clover), so it seems do the bees.

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    Just got some at our Greenhouse! Totally neat for anyone that loves edible mushrooms!

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