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So very very true.

The love for my kids

how to really love a kid


I love my husband and our kids! I deeply & truly do with all my heart!

Do you love you sisters? Sisters share an unspoken bond throughout life. #inspiredsilver now has matching sister bracelets for everyone in the family. Big Sis, Middle Sis, Little Sis, Baby sis and dont forget mom.

Special Daddy Quote/Saying

Lord, please surround my kids with friends and adults who point them toward You, and in ways that complement my own deficits in parenting.


so tru,

My Kids

for my kids...

Can't remember if I posted this or not, but I LOVE it. It's so true. I loved Connor more than I ever thought possible, but seeing him with our baby made me love him infinitely more.♥♥♥

My kids are my life! I love them dearly and couldn't imagine life without either of them.

Behind every great kid...