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      謝り/あやまり/Apology Bows… from the average 5˚ & 30˚, to the unusual 90˚ & 土下座/どげざ/dogeza/kneeling prostration. The later, in antiquity (& occasionally now), was used to greet or show respect to one of high rank (ie: the 将軍 / Shogun or 天皇 / Tennou / Emperor), OR used when one has either offended a high rank above them or wronged another person VERY badly, throughout history and in rare contemporary settings. #Japan #travel #otaku

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      日本語 語感の辞典

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    Jiuta Bando Tamasaburo (no source) ~AmyLH~


    Somewhere on the streets of Tokyo... OMG Doraemon car!!!

    Samurai Haircut | The VandalList

    The teahouse attached to ori Hagayashi, a gift store and teahouse, in Tokyo. Via

    Dye Aizawa 逢 沢 り な, Kimonobeauti Japan, Japan Kimonos, Kimonos Beautiful Japan, Beautiful Women, Aizawa Rina, Kimonos Japan, Japan Fashion, Aizawa Rina Aizawa

    Japan has the best everything.

    Banana Vending Machine In Japan | 24 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

    Owl Café in Hakata

    Beautiful world of combination... traditional Japanese craft of "Wood", "Kumiko"....まるで『木』のレース… 日本の伝統工芸『組子』の美しい世界

    Do you know the traditional craft "Kumiko" of Japan? Like delicate pattern, such as race, all are made of wood. Beautiful pattern created by the handiwork of craftsmen. The charm of Kumiko that has also been incorporated into modern design. 日本の伝統工芸『組子』を知っていますか?まるでレースのような繊細な模様は、全て木で出来ています。職人の手仕事によって作り出される美しい模様は、直線的な幾何学模様なのに『あたたかい』。現代のデザインにも取り入れられている組子の魅力に迫ります。



    (via PadiCR)

    {Thanks Moni!} She sent me the link to this months ago, now I'm forever dreaming to experiencing this. Hello Kitty Airlines! My girls would never forget it. ♥ ~de Asis


    Peter Marlow

    Japanese high school


    Shimane Prefecture has their own adorable mascot, Shimanekko. Only in Japan.

    Japanese game room

    Japanese wild green plants

    Red Bridge, Kyoto, Japan