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"Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically & emotionally" - Christian Louboutin quote

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Diamonds will always be my best friend, shoes are running a close second though . < them Stiletto's *It used to be that diamonds were a girl's best friend, now it is shoes that are a girl's best friend.

Christian Louboutin .... Hurt me Baby!!! :)

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How to Make High Heels Comfortable


Christian Louboutin hot pink glitter heels - these are awesome! Do not know if I would wear them though. But I'd love to look at them in my closet

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❝Chocolate is good, but shoes are carb-free❞ —Shoe-aholic™ amen!

a classic black pair

Iwill own my own louboutin's one day.

Successful women still have their feet on the ground. They just have better SHOES Oprah Winfrey

Successful women still have their feet on the ground.they just have better Shoes. ~ Oprah Winfrey And that my friends, are words of wisdom

Louboutin Classic Black Heels ... Red Bottom. Vintage, Classic, Beautiful.

Christian Louboutin Bianca Platforms Black CAB Is The Most Famous Product, Which Will Make You More Attractive. Take Christian Louboutin Bianca Platforms Black CAB With You At Once. Come On!

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or Good Friends with awesome shoes you can borrow.