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  • Amanda Lynn Spertell

    Going to this with factors, multiples, fractions, multiplication and order of operations... PROCDURE scrapbook paper + sticker numbers + modge podge + glass beads + dry time + modge podge all together + dry time = AWESOME HANDS ON ACTIVITY!!!

  • Runde's Room

    Bubble letters and numbers

  • Laura Langill

    Number bubbles, a manipulative for many uses.

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FACTORS OR MULTIPLES OR BOTH!...Teachers - do your students get factors and multiples mixed up like mine do? These two worksheets will help them with this. Students are given one specific number and 8 numbers after it. They must tell whether the 8 numbers are a factor, multiple, BOTH a factor and multiple or NEITHER of them. Will also test their knowledge of their multiplication facts. Enjoy!

Ooh, I like this anchor chart. Great visual representation of factors, products, and multiples!

Cup Factory - students explore the relationship between factors and products when it comes to learning multiplication...

Just a picture but this will be easy to make. Activity for my facile students during TEN time?

Use these multiplication fact strips to make Jenga into a fun way for students to practice their basic multiplication facts.

Here's a set of "I have, who has?" cards for multiplication facts from 0-12. Includes 24 cards.

Multiples; do another called Factor Fairy (or something) that makes numbers smaller.

Comparing and ordering fractions. I know there are only 2 in the picture but I promise if you follow the link there are actually 3.

Fold-able to show what you Know/Learned and what you need to know...(use for Math Facts)....I could use this for myself too, works soo much better than having two seperate stacks when studying ;)!

Great way to show different arrays for each number!

Cover a number, have them figure it out, excellent higher level activity!