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Found a branch that had broken off of a tree during a storm and decided to make it our backdrop. A small church stage was draped in painter's cloth and dollar-a-yard fabric to create a cozy, white living room "set" complete with lamps and seating.

The perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Lace frames. Very easy and inexpensive to make.

Snip the stamen and 12 other tiny, unexpected ways to minimize chaos on your wedding day

Romantic Vintage Wedding Cake. For some reason vintage is my new thing. It might be the simple look, but how perfect would this cake be with the flowers me & Brandon won't.

Fabulously glam tulle garter. By Mamie + James via Etsy.

The little girls were our confetti-throwers.

The place of honor where my husband and I sat.

A staple of any Rhoades wedding is luminaries outside. Brown or white lunch bags, with a cup or two of sand and a tea light placed at the bottom. If one catches on fire, the sand will help contain it and extinguish. Beautiful in the dark.

Our program was only front and back so we printed out a bigger poster of our attendants to honor them.