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    What I Don't Want to Eat - Pesky "Natural" Additives Disguised as "Natural Flavoring"

    Processed Foods

    eat the yellows

    Eat The Greens

    Eat the Oranges

    100 days of no processed food

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    "Foods" that we eat in America, banned in other countries

    Using artificial sweeteners is considered a safe way to help control blood sugar levels — and today, there are more choices than ever...Safe Sugar Substitutes for People With Diabetes - Diabetes Center - Everyday Health

    100 days of no processed foods - all the meal planning is done for you.

    10 foods you should never eat again

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    Do You Eat Beaver Butt? // "Castoreum (or beaver butt) is just one of the ingredients that could be called a “natural flavor.” But there are many other things called “natural flavors” that could be lurking in your food. We’ll never know what they are because the food companies won’t tell us as they consider this information proprietary."

    Educate yourself about Monsanto and the food you eat.

    Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid Eating

    Food Additives. Just eat real food! Pretty gross...

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