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Tank photo T-10 Sherman variant

WWII --- U.S. soldiers in combat with tank support (Germany - 1945)

CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR: Corporal Charles Abrell, USMC, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the Korean conflict. Serving with Company E, 2nd Battalion, on June 10, 1951, his unit pinned down by enemy fire he rushed the enemy bunker. Despite being wounded twice he continued his assault on dove into the bunker with a live gernade.

14-25 October 1952 - Operation SHOWDOWN/Battle of Hill 598 (Sniper Ridge) - 7th Infantry Division battles the Chinese near Kumhwa, the right leg of the Iron Triangle. The operation is a failure and the UNC never allowed Eighth Army to undertake a similar sized offensive for the remainder of the war - Medical corpsmen of the 1st Battalion Aid Station, 31st Inf. Regt, 7th U.S. Inf. Div., assist in helping wounded infantrymen of Companies D and L, 31st Regiment, following the fight for Hill 598.


Communist guerrillas and their families, captured and brought down from Mt. Chirisan, by elements of the ROK Captiol Division, are fed in the POW stockade, Kurije, Korea. December 12, 1951. Cpl. Paul E. Stout. (Army)

USS Iowa (BB-61) Fires its 16 inch Guns

4 August - 16 September 1950 - A total of 84,478 U.S. troops participate in the defense of the Pusan Perimeter including the U.S. Army's 1st Cavalry Division, 2nd, 24th, and 25th Infantry Divisions and the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade.

Preparing for an assault on a warehouse in Stalingrad, most likely in the later part of 1942



25 May 1951 - “Fiery Destroyer—As the First Marine Division advances in Korea, the flamethrower is used to deny communist infiltrators a hiding place.”