I could not agree more.

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If my life had a flavor, it would be coffee. / Coffee Shop Stuff That or whiskey.

"Gilmore Girls" is coming to Netflix, so the fans of the show will be bidding adieu to their jobs, loved ones, and lives, as they set up camp in their room to watch all seven seasons. Here are some presents you can get them for their "Bon Voyage" party! (Click in the photo to find where you can buy it.)

21 Gift Ideas For The "Gilmore Girls" Fan In Your Life

For those coffee lovers out there. Gilmore Girls Quote Typography Print - Do you like coffee - Only with my oxygen.

I just gave up on everything.

This is me pretty much EVERY morning, because there is never enough coffee.

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charming life pattern: caffeine - quote - foundation of my food pyramid :.

I am definitely gonna need this next week.

World's largest coffee cup. Some days I feel like I could use one of those.

Wood Coffee Sign Kitchen Sign Desk Sign by HelloGirlBoutique, $12.00 --This is going in my kitchen

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