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5 Reasons Why Dudes Should Practice Yoga

4. It's a cheap date. Dinner and/or movie, or drinks can't compete with $10 yoga. You get a workout, don't have to talk (sometimes guys just don't have a lot to say), and your female companion will be happy. Priceless.

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10 Reasons to Practice Shoulderstand Every Day

Repinned by My 3 Favorite Yoga Poses for Weight Loss. Now, if only we can all do yoga in that setting:-). can - just close your eyes (which is good to do in yoga anyway) and choose any setting and scenery you want:-). ~Dr. Haley of

Tips For Practicing Yoga in the Winter

When cold, brisk air is blowing outside, I crave practicing yoga in a heated room. Walking around barefoot in a tank top and feeling the warm arm on my skin is incredibly liberating. Practicing yoga in the Winter is a little different than in the

Yoga Is for Everyone: 5 Ways to Find the Right Practice for You!

I am not a typical yoga teacher, I am exuberant, excitable and sometimes have so much energy I don’t know where to put it. I proudly strut around in tie-dyed yoga pants and my day doesn’t feel