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  • Wendy Bereczky

    What to do with all those Peeps PEEPS POPCORN 2 tsp butter 2-3 cups popped popcorn 1, 5-piece package of Peeps Instructions 1.Cook your popcorn. (I actually prefer to make stovetop popcorn - tastes so much better!). Remove any unpopped kernels. If you prefer the microwave kind, be sure to get the crispy white or tender white, NOT the buttered flavors, which just get soggy. 2.Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Swirl the pan to coat. 3.Add the Peeps and turn heat to medium, stirring until the marshmallows are melted and the mixture is nice and smooth. Keep stirring while they are melting, or the sugar will scorch. 4.Pour the melted mixtures over your popcorn and gently stir with a silicone spoon. 5.Dump the sticky popcorn out on waxed paper to cool. Be careful - the marshmallow gets very hot and can result in burned fingers! 6.Spread the popcorn out to cool and then break into chunks, or form popcorn balls.

  • Jenny Schaffer

    Yellow Bliss Road: Peeps Popcorn My brother will die when I bring him some of these!!!

  • tiffany

    Rice Crispy Treats with Peeps. Anything to do with Peeps just gives me a huge giggle! From Simply Klassic Home: Peeps Popcorn

  • periwinklebunny

    Peeps Popcorn recipe. I plan to make this this week. Looks yummy!

  • Terri Wangler

    Movie Theater Candy Popcorn

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