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How to start a simple competitors analysis using #SEO techniques

"The prevalent mindset is a company-centric focus of “how can we sell products using Twitter?” instead of a customer-centric focus on “why should potential customers engage our Twitter feed rather than any of our competitors’?” Consequently, it would do well for marketers to stop and ask the fundamental question, “Is there any true value in our marketing proposition?”"

Does Social Media Content Have Any Credibility?

Does Social Media Content Have Any Credibility? High-tech innovation either works or it doesn't -- you can't fake it or dress it up. One big exception: social media content.

Facebook's Events app helps you find stuff to do

More than 100 million people use Facebook's Events feature to share hundreds of millions of events. That's a lot of events - and so, naturally, Facebook thinks the feature deserves its own app. On 7 October, Facebook introduced a new app called Events fro

Twitter Chat: Making Sure Your Family is on the Right Cell Phone Plan