peek under a dress



The feeling of standing behind the curtains, feeling the warmth of the stage lights, the rush of adrenalin through your body, the tightness of your leotard and tutu, and the stiffness of your pointe shoes... Priceless.

my daugther tries to do this all the time and I have to catch her or she will actually jump on her toes.... :(

Ballet Stretch - Joffrey Ballet by Gina Uhlmann



These are ballet shoes they are design for ballet. they help balnce you on your toes and support your feet.

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anna pavlova

Dancers. (Photo by Laura Zalenga)



long flowy dress in a meadow, simple but comes across strong

McGregor's Infra

this is is really random, but for my high school dance team, every year for the homecoming football game, we do a boy-girl dance, and I'm going to be a Fresman this year (I'm on the dance team) and I've never done a dance with a boy before, and I'm really excited. I always wanted to do Pas de deux and ballroom dancing, but my mom would never let me because I had to dance with a boy....idk I've been dancing for 12 years, and I was just never able to :( BUT I'M SUPER EXCITED OMG

Pile up the dreams...


Dancer's perspective • photo: Christine Lutz on Happy Photon