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50 greatest Tumblr posts of all time. Please go through all of them I died of laughter through the whole thing

every time I read this I laugh. Even if I just read it 2 seconds ago.

a Jolly Little biker

This is me!

Big Bang Theory Silliness... This is absolutely wonderful

"Disney Princess Impressions. This may have been extra funny because I watched it at 1 in the morning. But it was also really impressive. Her Belle impression was scary accurate." didn't actually watch yet but i will

Storytelling Dog

Ryan Gosling A.K.A The Creepy Cookie Guy

"May you be as happy as a baby Kraken finding the perfect size ship."-makes me ridiculously happy!

who is josh groban? KILL YOURSELF!

If I were a vet...

Tom Hiddleston does impressions of Alan Rickman, Owen Wilson, a velociraptor, Chris Evans, Orson Welles, Samuel L. Jackson, and Joey the War Horse. He's very talented =)

Russell Howard: Sexually he's a bit Harry Potter....

Poor T Rex.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Magic Mike on SNL. I just died.... for Alison Sayers :)

Hunger Games: the Musical. This is perfect.


The Big Bang Theory Bloopers 1-5 Save for a rainy day!

Love Calvin & Hobbes

Look, I'm trying to rant here. Stop interrupting me with 'facts' and 'reason'.

How books work.

Lilo and Stitch

This made me laugh like a small child that laughs.

The Simpsons ♥ Harry Potter!

So so true :'(