Moving pictures by Jamie Beck... slow dancing while the steam curls from a kettle, what a lovely life :)

slow dancing...(I also love this because I have this dress!!)

I Love Her Outfit! I Wish There Was More But It won't Let Me Pin!


dancing for engagement photos..I love how romantic it looks

I know we don't do the whole couple pic thing buttttttt.....mayhapppppssss this oneeee timeeeeeee ;)


Simple and real.

Man bun, hippie dress, and laughter among a dance in the kitchen. #relationshipgoals




dance with me, love.

Eeeeeeeee I wanna hold hands! What is it my sisters and I call it? Romantic hands? Hahaha

Act 2 idea, have engagement pictures for George and Emily next to the guest book as the audience enters the wedding.

everything is going to be okay . . .

I would love for an engagement shoot to be an "ordinary day" type of style, where the couple just goes about their day together with the photographer grabbing moments. It could be really sweet!

discrete moments

YES. I want this.


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