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Don't even bother to wear pants...and where do you find shirts that long? Shoot! He even tucked it in!


Anatomy of an urban thug


when you need a laugh

when you need a laugh

when you need a laugh

Relationships are like farting, If you push too hard... things could get messy real fast. - Kevin Hart #quotesqr #quotes #lovequotes


That didn’t felt right…

That didn't felt right...

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"I'm too sexy for my pants, to come up past my thong, soooo sexy it really thongs will cut you!!!



literally DYING. hahahaha the look on her face.....

Laughed way too hard! More funny stuff on my website too:



I cannot stop laughing.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

A few name improvements for everyday stuff

So hilarious! Just played this as a game with Jake, where I said the names & he guessed what it was I was describing. He did really well! Only missed two! "Space light"was kinda rough! Lol