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"Artist" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment - flying shoes art studio ~ good idea for a still life in their sketchbooks


Best of 2011: Photography

idea for your board ! You can use this pose in an Alice and Wonderland shoot as the queen of hearts. "Painting the roses red" ;


Original Hand Painted Clothing Denim Shorts by ItsCATHARTIC - I really, really like this photo!

love all these so much!

awesome tips on finding your own "creative" poetic wanderlust~ by tracy porter-poetic wanderlust

There's an Artist inside me I need to SET FREE!!

Can't decide what's more beautiful: chubby sweet hand or chubby sweet hand swirling a rainbow of colors

Sewing Room Ideas - The Seasoned Homemaker

Sewing Room Ideas

Hometalk :: Craft Rooms :: Laura Smith's clipboard on Hometalk My Craft/Sewing room!

How much booze to buy, how much space each guest will need, common tablecloth sizes.

Living Gluten free Cheat Sheet for Dummies , a Wiley Brand - Making Everything Easier

A Gifter Paintbrush? What if a paintbrush were to take credit for the work of the artist? Or a student to take credit for the work of the teacher? What if we are doing those exact things in our lives and don't realize it?

Ephesians 2:10