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Zebra Finch. These birds are very easy to keep. Our finches mated, laid eggs and taught their young to fly in our aviary.

Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia gutatta castanotis) AKA: Chestnut-eared Finch. Most popular of all finches as a cage bird.

The black-and-white warbler is one of the 56 species of the American wood warbler family found in North America. This small handsome bird has black stripes running horizontally along its head, back, and wings, with a white breast and belly.

The Java Sparrow, Padda Oryzivora, also known as Java Finch, Java Rice Sparrow or Java Rice Bird, is a small passerine bird. This estrildid finch is a resident breeding bird in Java, Bali and Bawean in Indonesia. It is a popular cagebird and has been introduced in a large number of other countries.