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Book Cover - texturing, initial capital design with haunting fantasy look

I'm not against Kindles at all, but I suspect I'll always prefer paper books. Holding them, flipping the pages, smelling them, feeling the paper, everything.

Books | 著作 | книга | Livre | Libro | Reading | DOES ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE FRICKING NINJA???

Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person

There's More to Life Than Books from theblackapple on

I care about my books more than I care about humans. Books never ignore me and make me feel useless.

even les miserables. hate it when people rant about les mis when they saw the movie, omgosh seriously though, there's so much more to it when you read the book

Dictionary Book Art Print Upcycled Vintage Wall Art 8 x 10 Book Print. $8.00, (HamiltonHousePrints)

Too funny. If you are a book geek like me, be sure to check out my epic quest. classicbookreader...

Plus you get all those delightful, precious details movies leave out, and may even miss meeting some invaluable friends of a literary nature that don't make it into the movie.

I have a bag with this Gorey illustration on it. SO HAPPY AND TRUE. :-)