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Knots. Grandpa made a board similar to this... mom and dad have it in the basement... Love it!

hoorah I found these sailing knots - I have been wanting to do an etching of knots. This will help, thanks!

knots my grandpa taught me how to tie knots my brothers jst tied me up lol I was stuck in a closet for three days once it was a good knot

DIY bracelet/ necklace - macrame styles. Finally, been looking all over for how to get the moving out of square knot style.

Chinese knots, i. e. frogs for closure. All in diagram format which is good because the directions appear to be in Chinese.

Celtic Knotwork inspiration: Celtic Knotwork RW Series 02. In no way do you have to use any of these, though if you find one that inspires you....go for it!

Sailors Monkey Fist. Can also be done with embroidery floss for a "jewelry" necklace. No instructions just photos.

tan complicados, tediosos ... alamares!!!!! pero después son tan hermosos

Macramé video tutorial ~ interesting still shots made into a video with numerous types of knots