If I was to ever get a tattoo, this would be the only one I would get. On my hip. :)

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I've never seen a giraffe tattoo. As much as I love them I don't want a tattoo of one but still...it's fun lol


I love you to the moon and back tattoo design \/\/ idea on the wrist. Maybe written in my future husbands handwriting??

concise and small #elephant #tattoo


I like the placement, although the tattoo itself is not quite my style. Top 10 Hip Tattoo Designs

We’ve all had great lines from literature stuck in our heads before. Some people choose to make the situation more permanent. Here, our favorite literary quote tattoos.

snoopy and woodstock done by George @ Ace of 4 Hearts Tattoo in Joliet, IL.

"agape" unconditional love in Greek.

Cute tattoo :)

faith infinity tattoo

<3 mickey heart - how cute.

lace heart #ink #tattoo


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50 of the Coolest Small Tattoo Placement Ideas :: Company.co.uk | Maybe a little lower, to the inside of the hip bone.

love the placement of this tattoo