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This made me laugh so hard! Dinosaur Eats It Hand Embroidery by seller WhatParty on Etsy.

Bahaha T-rex arms

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I bought this t-shirt. My husband calls me t-rex because of my tiny arms.

Dinosaur Thematic Unit ($)

Dinosaur: A Discovery Adventure


=) I love this 'rawr dinosaur' thingy since quite long ago actually. But i forgot about this 'rawr dinosaur' until Samantha sent me .


This is a sweet one. We went & saw this movie 1 week after my mom passed away. Cried my eyes out! I should have known someone would die in the movie.since it is a Disney movie. Haven't been able to see the movie since.

They will try to come between you.  Don't let them.

Funny pictures about Typical baby sleeping position. Oh, and cool pics about Typical baby sleeping position. Also, Typical baby sleeping position photos.

The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity

The Price of Civilization. An excellent book by macro-economist Jeffery Sachs detailing how our political parties have screwed us over and how we can get back on track as a nation. CUT THE DAMN DEFENSE BUDGET!

Read aloud (especially good to pair different Gooney books with Writer's Workshop - the main character talks about the writing process within the book).

Must-Read Monday {A Book Lovin' Linky Party}

Loved this book! Gifted to me by one of my sisters right before my own wedding. It's surprising and entertaining and so well written! And it just goes to show, a wedding isn't a wedding without drama. :)

Sunday Bookshelf – The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham (Sophie Kinsella)

I saw some footage of a polar bear drinking water....FAKE obviously. We all know polar bears only drink COCA~COLA.

Funny Friendship Ecard: I saw some footage of a polar bear drinking water.FAKE obviously. We all know polar bears only drink COCA~COLA.


A series by Amanda Emdin, featuring a fine parade of dapper dinos with gentlemanly demeanors. Dinosaurs in hats.