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Broadway Tickets | - - Tickets for the Mecca for actors all over the world. In 1946, when my dad was on terminal leave from the army after World War II, he spent a month on Broadway, seeing a show every day, and occasionally two shows!

Attended 2 performances, including the last one where Green Day performed afterwards. Epic!

nothing is more thrilling than standing on a stage and looking out at an audience. pouring your heart into what you do, to entertain them for the moment. music, theater, comedy, tragedy. the human experience all displayed in one tidy package. and you're the one delivering it.

The first Broadway show I ever saw. I cannot believe it took me 37 years to get to NYC.

Before I die I want to be there. Be front row at a show, completely in love with every aspect of Broadway.

My original Bucket List was to sing in a musical on Broadway. Now I'll settle for just singing on the street Broadway - but it still has to be in NYC.

It was amazing to see the show and then meet then...such a romantic broadway performance!

Little brother's birthday party October first, doing something similar to this for his New York themed birthday party.