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    • BloodyladyRinoa

      Hey friends! Here is a motivational layout for anyone looking to start running. Not everyone is a runner or likes to run, but its a great workout that gives fast results! | best stuff

    • Michelle Sorokin

      Good new runner (or getting back to running) tips. Running is great; it’s inexpensive, it’s good for your health, it’s great to aid weight loss and it gets you out to the great outdoors. It keeps you trim, healthy, happy and well minded, so why not give it a crack? Although running seems fairly straight forward, of course you will have a number of questions; How long do I run for? Am I fit enough? What shoes do I need? Is it okay to take breaks? How do I motivate myself to carry on when it gets touch? If these are just some queries on the top of your mind, you’re not alone! Easing yourself into running can be daunting, particularly if you’re fairly new to exercise. Every runner began where you are, so don’t let your worries hold you back and consult this beginners guide to help you get started, keep you motivated and ignite your love for running. Follow this fantastic 12 week running plan if you’re an absolute beginner and want to start up this excellent exercise! The beauty with running is that you can choose your pace and intensity, and set yourself your personal goals. So …

    • Jill Laman

      This is one of the best programs I've seen for non-runners to become runners! Beginner Running Training – Revised » Healthy Living

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