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Doctor Who stamps for wedding invitations. Um, yes, these will happen.

The Doctors' catchphrases. i know i pinned this already, but look up on youtube, doctor who theme -warpzone

If I put this sign up, do you think it would work?

weeee oooooooooh (doo doo doo doo doo dooooooooooooooo doo dooooooo) OOH WEE OOOH!!!!!!!!!! (vworp vworp)

TARDIS. That's the time machine Dr Who travels in for those who are not geeky enough to know. Dr Who? Come on!

I'm sure this will be useful, if I have to write a report on Time Travel or something

doctor who time warp || because captain jack harness would totally do the pelvic thrust xD

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In case of emergency. Sonic screwdriver and psychic paper

Ten's not even holding on, he's just floating... and Eleven's hanging upside-down by his ankles. Of course he is. ♥

Doctor Who's TARDIS comic collage art