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TEN WAYS TO LIVE A TRUAGE LIFESTYLE 1. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP We have all had those days when we are tired, lazy and grumpy because we didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Your body can literally feel the difference when you get a good night’s rest, because you will have more energy and all-around feel much happier. Sleep contributes to a healthy immune system, while improving your mood, memory and focus. In fact, the AGE Foundation stated that, “the body does much of its tissue growth…

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10 Confidence and Mood Boosters Too Good To Skip

Hi there! My name is Kristi and this is my 5 month Thrive Experience. My friend Jessie was kind enough to send me a five day trial of Thrive for my birthday. Within 3 days of taking Thrive I noticed a difference in my energy levels and mood. Shortly thereafter I also found that the general discomfort I was feeling in my shoulders were calm. I then decided to become a promoter and make Thrive apart of my life. Since I have started Thrive I've lost 18 pounds. I no longer need my triple…

"... Had sweet love but I lost it. She got too close so I fought it. Now I'm lost in the world tryin' to find me a better way." Zac Brown Band

If you follow me you know that I am ALL about self care and how it contributes to our overall sense of happiness, life satisfaction, physical and mental health. -Self care is not just some whimsical idea of long hours taking baths. -Self care is about prioritising yourself in all different aspects of your life. -Self care is understanding your mental, emotional, social, and physical triggers for stress and aiming to reduce them. -Self care is using strategies to calm down, boost mood…


Yoga Essential Flow

Beat stress and get happy with these mood-boosting yoga poses. A 16 minute essential flow to help you shake off any anxiety or frustration, and create a more stable sense of calm.

The uniquely soothing blend of Adaptogens in Isagenix t+ Chai help calm the mind and provide balanced mood and clarity. Caffeine-free with no artificial flavors or colors, t+ Chai can be enjoyed guilt-free any time of the day.

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