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So true. Saw a stat from the Barna group that 40 yrs ago something like 9-12% (not sure the exact number here but it was significantly smaller) of children grew up with mothers that were single/ unwed, basically without a father figure in the picture for some reason. In 2010 it was 41% that grew up in tthis type of environment.

Only one person in my life has burned me twice . . . she asked for a second chance, I gave it to her . . . I trusted she was truly sorry . . . I forgive her, but will never trust her again! Burned twice is a lesson learned.

love this! Great reminder pin amongst a zillion "look hot by doing this exercise with this easy trendy hair style then wear this smoke'n outfit while perfecting your home with these simple projects" pins! And with that...I am off to play with my kids :)