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How to stop Puppy Mills! Support it! You would be surprised how many know about puppy mills and still tell me well he/she was so cute so i bought him/her..Ahh Duh,what do you thing your doing but supporting the puppymils..Really wake up...There are alot of pets for adoption, go adopt.cp

PLEASE, PLEASE, PASS THIS ON! It is a very important issue and is VERY heartbreaking. :(It's hard to look at this, please don't support puppy mills, spay & neuter your pets!!! And ADOPT!!!

Puppy Mills - Imagine having to live like this, and there is nothing they can do to help themselves! SO,SO SAD!!!! This makes me sick !!!

ABUSED puppy trying to recover from severe chemical (poss.Clorox) burns & surgery to remove metal from stomach. The injuries cover her face & extending into her mouth, down her esophagus & into her internal organs. PLS HELP save sweet BABY BRIDGET- please save this sweet baby

Be the voice,protector of the voiceless and helpless!...ABSOLUELY!!!! IF U AGREE SHARE WITH EVERYONE IN UR CONTACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!