thinking maps

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Thinking Maps Thursday!

rhyming activity to go with I Ain't Gonna Paint No More

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Rhyming Tree Word Game

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: How I Plan and Implement Project/Inquiry Based Learning In My Class

rhyming words / word families

Thinking Maps

Word family houses (the kids make the pictures to illustrate the rhyming words)

Down by the bay -great for teaching rhyming...

Fun lesson to go with Karen Beaumont's Ain't Gonna Paint No More! I will do something similar with a sound scape maps for the story!

Great early literacy games - rhyming and alliteration

DUPLO Rhyming Word Matching Game with FREE Rhyming Pictures.

Thinking maps and cause and effect

Dr. Seuss rhyming sheet (free!!)

label parts of a pumpkin, nice for vocabulary and concepts of "part" and "whole"

Rhyming word flip books. 40 books to teach 40 different rhyming sets. All words are spelled the same (ex: pail, tail, sail NOT whale) could also be used with word families.

For more info: This is the Rhyme Time song featured in the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Program. Written by Russell Ginns Performed by the Bobs Animated by Big Yellow Taxi

Vocabulary idea - students have a vocab word on head and have to walk around room and ask synonym, antonym, rhyming word etc... to guess their word.