More treasures from our archives - a letter from Harry Houdini to NYPL President John Shaw Billings in 1911. The letter begins, "Dear Sir, In going through your card indexes yesterday, I noted that the Conjurer's magazine was missing..." Harry Houdini then kindly offered two bound sets of the Conjurer's Magazine to be added to the NYPL Collection -- along with a book on handcuffs written in Russian and German. #TeachNYPL #Houdini

Henry VIII a Ana Bolena...Happy Valentines "The demonstrations of your affection are such, and the beautiful words of your letter are so cordially phrased, that they really oblige me to honour, love, and serve you for ever.... "For my part, I will out-do you, if this be possible, rather than reciprocate, in loyalty of heart and my desire to please you. "Beseeching you also that if I have in any way offended you, you will give me the same absolution for which you ask, assuring you th...

Harry Houdini

Ellis Island: Portraits of Immigrants (NYPL Collections) #TeachNYPL #History #NYC

Harry Houdini happy birthday!

At Gettysburg, what a girl saw and heard of the Battle. [Entire book can be flipped through.]

Harry Houdini, not a good poster for him I would think

Lincoln's Chair from Ford's Theater

Harry Houdini, ca. 1905

Dorothy Day with her prison dress. On November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate.

harry houdini

civil war letter

The Houdinis

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini scrap book with letter press label on the cover

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini Fan Base (@Houdini_Fan) | Twitter

Houdini Christmas Card