When one thinks about the easiest room in her or his house to makeover which is it? The bathroom? Guest room? Mudroom? In our house it was most definitely the laundry room. So off to Lowe's we went with a soothing vision dancing in our head. And we killed it.

A soothing laundry room makeover -- guys, it's like a SPA in here

ciao! newport beach: dutch doors in the kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen, love the stainless steel sink. Lovely glass pocket door into the laundry/mudroom. The kitchen entry door is a dutch door.love the Orange pop of color on the exterior of the dutch door.

I'm So Vintage: burlap here, burlap there, everywhere....this blog has everything burlap.  I'm loving this skirt for the laundry room.  It gives it that beach feel.

gotta be the coolest laundry room i have ever seen~~~ love love love that sign! and the color of paint on the wall. wood ceiling too. and burlap skirt!

Laundry Cabinet  Here, a collapsible clothes rod is attached to the cabinet for additional hanging space and the iron is safely stored in a wall-mount cooling rack. Keg-size containers have been replaced by smaller bottles of ultraconcentrated formulas that take up far less space and clean just as well. Be sure to read the directions so you use the right amount.

Genius Storage Ideas to Steal for Your Laundry Room

Laundry Cabinet w/collapsible clothes rod, wall-mount iron cooling rack, mason jars & peg board

Laundry room | Family closet - interesting new concept...  HUGE laundry room, including a "Family Closet" with 2 islands for folding & full of drawers.. All clothes are kept in one place.....bedroom closets are for storage of toys and other what-nots.

Multi-purpose "mom cave" space - it's a mudroom, it's a laundry room, it's a craft room! I could totally do this if I took out the walls between the mudroom, utility room and storage room! When can I remodel my house that still being built?

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Laundry/Craft Room Revamp- Part 1