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Elise Wehle - I make the art I do to pull me away from the increasingly digital world that surrounds me. Every day I spend so much time in front of a glowing screen that sometimes I forget I possess five bodily senses and not just one or two. Making art makes me conscious of my hands again, and all of my work requires time-intensive, redundant movements that remind me that not everything is as instantaneous as a click of a mouse. By weaving together paper, cutting lines, and folding shapes…

monochromatic experimenting with stamps: We started with stamped rectangles, 5 paint chips and a river... then we added texture on each square with stamps dipped in paint, stamps in ink, watercolor dots, zig zags and swimming fish... and bridges connecting the colorful islands  over the river teaming with fish... and houses made of paint chips... and happy rabbits jumping in the trees... and smelling the roses...and happy bushes...and happy students...and a happy teacher

collograph -- After cutting out a variety of shapes I glued them to a sheet of cardboard as if I were making a collage. I rolled printmaking ink onto the surface using a brayer once the glue had dried. It's also possible to use a brush and acrylic paint. In this particular print I overlapped the images and used three different colors to add dimension.