c.1960s postcard, by Mari.

Set Of 3 Vintage RARE 1960s Gallarda Big Eyed Art Prints

"When we're in the middle of a conversation and I suddenly stop talking and start smiling, don't panic, that just means I love you." <3

Vintage Postcard Seventies Flowerpower van CuteEyeCatchers op Etsy, €3.55

.BIG EYE girl

Psychedelic fashion illustration for Knit Dyes by Ici, 1960s.

☮ American Hippie Art ~ Peace Sign

noonesnemesis: Les Bas Gui Stockings Georges Léonnec 1930s

Postcard, 1920s


Big Eyed Girl Vintage 70s postcard by Gallarda, Flowers in her Hair.

This reminds me of book illustrations from my childhood.

1960s postcard illustration.

vintage 60's/70's postcard

Vintage Illo

Illustrations by Antonio Lopez, originally for Intro Magazine 1967. ( retro fashion illustration / 60s / Psychedelic Art / Retro Design )

A Surprise Smooch - 1954

becca stadtlander illustration

Late 1960s big eyed postcard illustration.