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    hug...gorgeous emotion!

    Fill the world with laughter.


    Love Yourself, Love Your Body, Love Each Other, Love Each Others Body, Don't worry about those who will judge you...

    So cute !!!

    laughing father and it!

    . . . Life is composed not of the days, which have passed, but of the moments you have remembered . . .


    Beauty/Laughter keeps you young. (great smile, smiling, portrait, people, photo, picture, photography, laugh, laughing, positive, inspiring, motivation, feel good, happy, happiness, joy, beautiful, amazing, old woman)

    Girl at the temple. Amritsar


    .Pour Danièle, de sorte que vous pouvez les prendre avec vous toutes les photos de vos sourires du tableau de bord. Salutations de l'Espagne, un ami.

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    Think of others as an extension to ourselves, as someone that is part of you, because believe it or not in this giant puzzle called life we are all connected in some mysterious way and we belong together for some divine reason.....without every single one of us the puzzle of life can't be completed...We belong together and together we are one...

    Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile.

    mother and child. beautiful and pure smile.

    They still know how to laugh.

    “Smile and the world smiles back by Globetrotter This priceless moment of joy happened amongst a crowd of children at Thiruvalluvar Nagar Beach near Chennai (India). This girl was especially enchanted by the foreigner and his camera. She instantly drew my attention and I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever captured.”


    how cute!