Beautiful Ombre Caramel and Chocolate Layer Cake via >> Looks yummy!

The MOST GORGEOUS cake I've ever made Recipe ~ Says: The base is a fudgy and rich chocolate cake. Followed by the light caramel cake that's bursting with caramel flavour but not overpoweringly so. Then you have a simple, light white cake. It's plain but really so good. Now slather on the buttercream, because you want a light, refreshing frosting on your cake. Then pour over the ganache and let it flow... YUMMY!

It’s dreamy. It’s decadent. It’s totally worth it. The new Fiber One Cheesecake Bars are the perfect, sweet treat with the added benefit of fiber. Indulge in the irresistible layers of graham cracker-y goodness and creamy cheesecake topped with the flavor of strawberry or caramel. Go on. Have one. [Promotional Pin]

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Triple Chocolate Layer Cake. The fudgiest homemade chocolate cake ever! death by chocolate, chocolate layer cake, best chocolate cakes, best chocolate recipes

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Ultimate S’More Anniversary Cake - 7 layers - 2 brownie layers, 2 cheesecake layers, 2 chocolate chip cookie layers, 5 graham crackers (this is one of the ‘cake’ layers), marshmallow frosting and chocolate Frosting

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This Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake is the BEST chocolate cake you will ever make. Period.

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caramel apple cake.