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Jason Miller, @DendriticCare, consulting arborist, unearths the problems with tree roots this Friday, March 14, 2014. Join us!

35 Fruits and veggies you can grow in containers.

Root Cellars: The Basics on #groundchat Friday, October 23 at 2 pm EST. Join us!

Learn how to grow strawberries in this post. These sweet, popular fruit can easily grow in most gardens, so long as the correct care is given to them.

Learn how to graft fruit trees so that you can have multiple varieties on the same tree! Or turn that old crabapple tree into a productive Macintosh tree!

Growing Your Own Fruit Trees

1. Dampening off of seeds/seedlings. 2. Control wild mushroom growth. 3. Rooting hormone 4. Ant deterrent 5. Plant wounds (helps heal/prevents fungus) 6. Mold/mildew #cinnamon #gardening #gardens #plants

Fabulous #groundchat this Friday, Jan 23 at 2pm ET! @rethinktrees is chatting about urban street trees & Silva Cells. It's all about making cities a more liveable place! Lincoln Center Urban Trees (bosque type plaza) using DeepRoot's Silva Cell system.

planting tips

How (and When) to Prune Trees!

Excellent Cold Storage and Root Cellar Tips

Tomorrow on #groundchat (Nov 22, 2013), Bartlett Tree Experts cover the much anticipated "Soil Tests." Bartlett discusses the basics of soil tests, from proper soil sampling to actual soil test results in a case study! Dr. Kelby Fite from Bartlett’s research lab staff will be tweeting. He has a Ph.D. in plant and environmental science from Clemson University and has been with Bartlett since 2002 focusing on urban soils. Join us Friday, November 22, at 2 pm ET!

Find out the many ways you can use leaves to improve soil in your garden on #groundchat Fri, Oct 24 at 2 pm EST. Join us!

Wayne Clingman @revolutionyfarm chats about Urban Farm solutions for Racine, WI on #groundchat. Fascinating insights. Join us Fri, Jan 16 at 2 pm ET

Explore the latest on soil organisms on #SoilNews #groundchat! Join us Fri, Aug 29 at 2 pm EST.

Dr. Dena Marshall chats about soil health & how to achieve it on #groundchat this Fri, May 9, 2014 at 2 pm EST. Join us!

Kathy Jentz, @WDCGardener, Editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (cover May 2015), chats about soils & gardening in Mid-Alantic Region on #groundchat. Join us Friday, June 19 at 2 pm EST.