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Concept: Rein 07 09 12 rein Check out this stunning concept packaging for Rein, a non-alcoholic Lager. Share your thoughts below!

Old Man Jagermeister | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bigelow Tea Packaging Concept by Kristen Haff

I like how the type and color of the label are old fashioned looking. The bottle is very nostalgic, which fits with the company name.

TOKYOMILK, SHEA BUTTER CREAM: for pampering someone with packaging and product.

TENUGUI GIFT to give it with a paulownia box

the percentage mailing - direct mail to investment clients with three bottles of wine where alcohol percentage equals potential profit

A group of students who had recently left BrobyGrafiska shows how, as a school assignment, they can change Gillette's way of speaking to its conscious audience.

British Sugar Corporation — Hans Schleger & Associates (1969)

Salt Lake City graduate Jill De Haan recently completed this Swiss hot chocolate packaging design which draws its inspiration from the Swiss “Schrerenshnitt” paper cutting style.