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These Dragon babies are hatching soon in Farm Story, but don't worry... they play nice with the other animals! "Like" if you'll place them on your Farm!

The time is ripe to grow more berries on your Farm! Plant some of these delicious Boysenberries soon!

A field of these will yield the BEST kind of harvest! Plant some Candy Crop in Farm Story and prepare your sweet tooth!

These Shamrocks aren't very lucky (only three leaves!), but they're a very festive crop for your Farm!

Your crops may need extra water this time of year... but save some for yourself as well! The most fun you can have in Summer is in the water! "Like" if your Gnomes will be hitting the Waterslides soon in Farm Story!

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? Play some ring toss with your Onion Rings in Farm Story!

Will you be buying this for Farm Story? It's not like Coins grow on trees! Oh, wait.

When the clock chimes at midnight, this carriage will turn back to normal. Keep the Pumpkin Coach in its magical state always in your Farm Story!

In Farm Story, rain might not actually be a bad thing. It will definitely help your crops and trees grow, especially if you plan on planting the new Sargent Cherry Trees and Yellow Azaleas. Some animals don’t mind the rain at all. The Raincoat Puppy is fully prepared for the rainy season, so he will not mind getting a little wet. What happens if your crops get too much rain? You might just wind up with overgrown fruits that you can use for different purposes, like the Red Apple House!

For our Farm Story fans, the new Mediterranean Chest doles out a variety of goodies to decorate and improve your farm. Use items such as the Moroccan Lion Statue, Treasure Chest, Gazelle, or Cheetah Club to give your Farm a touch of adventure or keep it simple with the new Exotic Vase, Fish Stand, or Rocking Chair. Get the new Mediterranean Barn for a new and unique decoration.