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Tomato Plants


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  • Anne McFarlane

    De-suckering tomatoes - Make sure you do this with your tomato plants everyone! You will get bigger and better tomotoes! by valarie

  • Rebecca Brazell-Woodall

    remove suckers on tomato plants - You will get bigger and better tomatoes!

  • Sanne Bjerg

    The simple explaination to why to prune tomatoes: WHY do I remove the side-shoots, or “suckers,” from my tomato vines? Because they burden the plants with excess foliage. Too much lushness promotes the shady, wet conditions that lead to fungal diseases. Furthermore, plants with too many stems produce small-size fruit. For healthy plants and large, high-quality tomatoes, those suckers ought to go.

  • Hazen Baumgartner

    prune tomato suckers

  • Carli Brownlee

    Pruning tomato plants promotes healthy plants... Plant pruned sprouts to grow new plants

  • Emilie

    Pruning Tomato Plants - get bigger and better tomatoes!

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