Colorful & original candy boxes!

Free printable mini bonbon boxes

cakebox, piebox, pie, cake, dessert, cake carrier, pie carrier with leather strap. Kotak kue dengan tali kulit

Chocolate #packaging design. Great colors palette

Belle identité visuelle par Gabriel Lefebvre,

package & display from


Pêche cigarrettes.


Lollia by Margot Elena creates gorgeous packaging and products | I want to take a bubble bath now!

Packaging for boots. Why does everything have to come in a box?

another nice example where the inside is in contrast to the outside of the box (could be flower images inside)

Chocolate packaging by Somewhere Else

tent boxes packaging

This package design is so simple but so eye catching. It's showing off the wine in a way that just putting it in a bag wouldn't be able to do." Could you use cereal type boxes & do something similar to this design & for other gifts? And just paint, put fabric or pics on the box?

Packaging with humour

John & Kiras chocolates | studio AG |

Bianco Nero — K2 Design