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Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal

Boss 'Chorus Ensemble' Pedal

boss guitar pedal :)

Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Roland/Boss Super Chorus effects pedal

TC Electronic Corona Chorus...Love this pedal...Lush chorus and you can even get a rotary sound of it if you tweak the pedal right!

The History of Boss Compact Pedals | Roland - Boss

Boss Pedal Backpack

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal My favorite guitar pedal!

I wish I had all these pedals!;-)

Roland UK Official News and CompetitionsThe History of Boss Compact Pedals - Guitar Pedal Effects |Roland Boss

Guitar Pedals

organizing the guitar pedals

Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal


guitar pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal. Where it all comes together

Guitar Pedals

Guitar Pedals