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    This is how Target still competes with Wal-mart!

    Advice From Jill Laine! Glitzy and glamorous, this striking necklace works a party vibe à la Studio 54. $40 at Bauble Bar.

    Sexy Pool Party, with a cameo from one of my favorite actors.

    Quote from man be placed in the "Obvious" file.

    It's okay to bring the kids to this event, since you know the music will be clean.

    Awesome Geek Pictures that will make you lol and fttgl (fall to the ground laughing). I just made that up.

    Man-etiquette. I'm down.

    Stapling water to a tree? Yeah, I can do that.

    Amazing iPhone 5 information

    If Chuck Norris is worried, we ALL should be worried, lol!

    Kindle Fire HD Get the best deals on this amazing product HERE!!!

    Guidelines for establishing communication with your reticent husband.

    Shark in the Dark - Wow...stunning picture.

    Be careful what you wish for!

    DJ/MC Jimmy Loram: Let's dance, party, and interact!!!

    I spit up my coffee reading this one! Gotta love it!

    NBC Olympics Results 2012 FAIL!!! Love it...

    This is a good schedule to follow This should be read by all bleeding hearts...brought to you, in love and desperation!

    Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas the movie comes out soon. HE LOVED IT! And that's a rarity. Can't wait!

    I made this song a couple years ago. Someone reminded me of it. If you know who Nathan Fillion is, you know what this is all about. If not, you're still about to have your freaking face blown off. Feel it.

    Here's my kick ass cover letter for an on-air personality. I think I would have to hire me. I sent this to KROQ this morning. I guess we will see what happens. Shall we collectively hold our breath?

    How? Pretty amazing...

    I think I'll catch up on my classic Star Trek. (51 minutes later). Done.

    My Mayan Google Calendar. I made this today. Let's see how many repins it gets!