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30 Rock Minimalist Poster

lol, 30 Rock as a cartoon. Hilarious! But I don't think Jenna will be very happy that she isn't in the center of the poster :D

30 Rock (TV Series 2006–2013)

Unusual as it is for me to want to take the cast of an ENTIRE show out for a beer...there it is. Alec Baldwin, my precious future ex husband...Tina, she's my dawg, y'all know that...Tracy Morgan. Bless his heart, I just want to know how much of him is on purpose. Jack McBrayer is just adorbiepants, and Jane Krakowski, well, I'll let her order an apple-tini if she tells me whether she wears spanx.

30 Rock. The seventh and final season starts tomorrow night. Stoked. Currently watching Season 6 on Netflix, and I'm loving it.

I'm staying up tonight to watch all on season one tonight. Yeeeeee.

A Farewell to 30 Rock - Betches Love This