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Button bracelets.

16 Pretty Bracelet Tutorials

Lovely ombre celtic knot bracelet tutorial. Pinning this for @Gale Lawler Lawler L. because I know she loves Celtic knots.

hemp bracelets

tutorial for making a french sennit braid - Paracord belt or my next mandolin strap

Nice Craft Idea

Nice Craft Idea

DIY Braided Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects.Bracelet DIYs from Happy Hour Projects are some of my favorite jewelry DIYs. This is a pretty simple DIY because all you need to know is how to make a 3 strand braid. I also like the decorative button that doubles as a the closure. For hundreds of DIY bracelets go here:

Макраме, схемы плетения, мастер класс / Макраме, схемы плетения для начинающих, фото, изделия / КлуКлу. Рукоделие - бисероплетение, квиллинг, вышивка крестом, вязание

Necklace using washers? Interesting concept.